How to Find the Best Catering Company

Tips on Finding the Best Catering Companies

It sometimes seems that finding a good caterer is next to impossible.  You call multiple companies, especially those that advertise on the radio or television and they just seem to be too busy for your business.  They also seem to think that you are made of gold and can easily afford their exorbitant prices.  So, what’s an honest person to do?

Don’t worry, we have some great tips on how to find the best catering company for your business.  We’ve done this many time and can assure you that if you follow these tips, it will really make the outcome so much better.

Tip 1 – Determine What you NEED

Ok, I’ll admit, this first tip seems a bit dumb.  However, I can assure you that it’s necessary.  What you need to do is to figure out what you want catered.  Is it a formal affair or do you want something more casual?  Do you want to have multiple options or do you want some basic?  Is the affair inside or outside?

Ok, that sounds easy enough, but you want to understand the basics.  That way, you can ask your potential catering companies what they DO.  Some of them focus solely on formal affairs.  Some specialize in company catering and they do not really do things like weddings. However, other companies want to do nothing but weddings.  So, take your time and be sure to ask what it is that the catering company usually provides.

Tip #2 – Time

Another thing that is key is the timing of your event.  Is it in the morning or evening and how long will it last?  There are many catering companies that don’t have the staff to stay late while others specialize in evening affairs.   However, one trick is to ask about the food that is being served and how long it can last.  We have run into many affairs over the years that are set up to start in the early afternoon and run through the night.  However, the catering company is set up to only have dinner foods or appetizers.  About half of the way through the evening, they are completely out of fresh food and the guests get a bit antsy as they start looking for alternatives.  That leads us to:

Tip #3 – Foods

This is really a key with the catering company.  They should have a variety of foods for longer affairs and a better quality, but smaller menu for short affairs.  For the long affairs, you will want them to be constantly coming up with new and fresh foods that the guests will want to stay around for.  Some of the better companies start with sweet appetizers and then move to hot appetizers.  Then, they use hot foods and then follow up with fresh foods and desserts.  For example, a great trick is to have salad and fruit about an hour after the meal.  This keeps people involved and also refreshed to stay for the entire evening.


Be sure to take your time and find the right catering company.  Use some of the tips above to help you in your search.